Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:What will our bodies look like in Heaven? While a confusing subject, it is important to understand. In this sermon Pastor Chip simplies this complex teaching so that all may be able to understand it.


Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:The Christian life contains suffering. How are we to deal with hard times in life? Pastor Chip explains the relationship between the two in this proclimation.


Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:While we are certainly not saved by our works, works do play a role in molding us into the image of Jesus Christ. In this Sermon pastor Chip explains santification, the process by which we sin less and hate sin more.

Justification Pt 2

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Chip Thornton explains in greater detail our legal standing before God.

Justification Pt 1

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:Justification - Just as if I have never sinned. The next two sermons in this series explain our legal standing before God.


Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:Conversion is the point which a person becomes spiritually alive. Pastor Chip lays out this beautiful point of the gospel in part 4 of this series.


Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:How does God take a spiritually dead person and bring them to life? The biblical doctrine is known as regeneration. Pastor Chip explores this wonderful work of God in part 3 of this series

The Gospel Call

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:John 3:5 and 6:44 teach that the Holy Spirit must initiate the gospel call. In this sermon Pastor Chip explains the difference in the external gospel call and the internal gospel call.

The Trinity

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:As Pastor Chip opens this series, he does so by revealing the trinity. Even though it might be an often misunderstood doctrine of the faith, it is of upmost importance. Listen as Pastor Chip captures the personal nature of the Triune God.