Heaven without Hell Pt. 1

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:Hell. Its not a popular subject these days. Why? Is it not in the Bible? Did Jesus not talk about it? Pastor Chip preaches this powerful message to inform about the realities of Hell in order to drive one to the glorious riches of Heaven.

Salvation without Regeneration

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:When is a person 'saved'? When they say the sinners prayer? When they ask Jesus into their heart? When they come to the alter? Listen as Pastor Chip unpacks the important doctrine of spiritual regeneration.

Christianity without Christ

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:We live in a world today where the core doctrines of our faith have been replaced with moralism and relavance. We have tried to be so engaging with the culture that we have moved away from Christ. Listen as pastor Chip dives into this problem and offers a biblical solution.

Politics without God

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:Who should you vote for? How should a Christian interact with a secular govenment? In this series Pastor Chip tackles these difficult topics and more.

Religion without the Holy Spirit

Pastor Chip Thornton


Description:The election season is upon us. Will who we vote for really change the direction of our country? Listen as Pastor Chip shares from Scripture what both politics and the church are lacking today.